ISRA Parsytec. Stand 31B33

Pascalstrasse 16, 52076 Aachen, Germany
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+49 (2408) 92-70-00
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ISRA Parsytec is the world’s leading supplier of visual quality inspection technologies for the steel and non-ferrous strip and extruded profile production. Located in Aachen, the company is a subsidiary of ISRA Vision AG, the market leader in surface inspection and machine vision.
Industry leaders and globally active metal producers rely on ISRA Parsytec’s surface inspection systems. Enabling comprehensive quality and process monitoring by combining high-performance inspection systems with a higher-level database and software architecture, ISRA Parsytec’s solutions cover each and every step of the processing chain — from the casting of slabs to hot rolling, cold rolling and up to coating and cutting.
Every innovative solution by ISRA Parsytec is fueled by the experience gained from more than 1000 installations in the metal industry. The system solutions are suitable for all metals and are already being put to successful use in the inspection of steel, aluminum, titanium or copper all around the world. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, the systems allow for the 2D and 3D inspection of slabs and heavy plates, resulting in individual quality data reports to monitor and optimize production processes and to facilitate decision-making from the line to the top management level.
Furthermore, with innovative extreme low contrast inspection technology allows a very early periodic roll mark detection in cold rolling mills. No more manual inspection is necessary to prevent quality dips in downstream processes.
ISRA Parsytec is the world’s leading supplier of surface inspection systems in the metal industry, operating globally with its headquarter in Germany and 25 additional subsidiaries, such as in Moscow, worldwide. Today, 18 of the top 20 steel producers employ their products.

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