IC «Metallinvest» Ltd.. Stand 23D02

1/1, 2-ya Kazakhstanskaya ul., Omsk 644036, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (3812) 97-33-32
Website :

Metallokassa Group of Companies, Omsk
The Metallokassa was founded in 2003 and has been engaged in receiving and processing non-ferrous and ferrous scarp metal for 17 years. Metallokassa has a collection point in the each district of the city and offers the most competitive prices and a great service on modern equipment. Metallokassa possesses an extensive fleet of trucks and special technical vehicles.
The Metallokassa has stepped up work towards the receiving and processing of high-speed steel scrap, rare earth metals (tin, babbits, solders) and electronic scrap as well.
The Metallokassa is engaged in the production and sale of aluminum alloy and is certified in this area by the International Certificate.

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