Laser-Export Ltd.. Stand 81D33

3/8, Vvedenskogo ul., Moscow 117342, Russia
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+7 (499) 578-05-48
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Laser-Export presents Elanik — the only hand-held analyzer of the elemental composition of steels and alloys for which the measurement of carbon is confirmed by metrological tests (No. 70911-18 in the State Register of measuring instruments of Russia). No inert gas or other consumables required.
Elanik is based on LIBS method, which can be used to measure concentrations of all elements, including light (C Be, Li, etc.).
Laser-export Co. is a part of the Laser-Compact group, known for compact lasers of its own design: since 1992 more than 48 thousand lasers have been produced and delivered in 42 countries, the main share in the USA, Germany, France, and Japan.

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