Khartsyzsk steel and wire rope plant Silur. Stand 23B07

9, Filatova ul., Khartsyzsk 86700, Ukraine
Phone number:
+380 (62) 577-84-99, 577-84-91
Website :

Khartsyzsk steel and wire rope plant Silur manufactures steel wire ropes within the diameters of 0,5—78,0 mm, different construction and purpose, prestressing strands within the diameters of 6,9—15,2 mm, steel wire of different purpose within the diameters of 0,5—6,0 mm according to the standards of Russia (GOST), Ukraine, Germany (DIN), Great Britain (BS). It is possible to manufacture products according to technical specifications and customer requirements.
The products are used in various industries — coal, mining, metallurgy, oil and gas, transport, industrial and agricultural machinery, shipbuilding and ship operation, in the energy sector, and the construction industry.

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