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The Sensory Building 405, Pomona Drive, Greenboro, North Carolina 27407, USA
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+1 (336) 325-60-90
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Sensory Analytics is the fast-growing US based supplier of SpecMetrix coating thickness measurement systems. There exclusive industrial systems are available in configurations for off-line sample testing lab use or directly in-line for continuous in-process control and quality assurance for coatings with thickness down to submictron levels.
SpecMetrix systems are uniquely able to provide real-time absolute coating thickness measurement on a wide variety of industrial coatings, including most applied coatings on metal coils, flat sheets and metal end-products. The wide range of coatings measured include pretreatments, anodized layers, primers, paints, topcoats, clear coats, adhesives, sealants and many other clear and opaque coatings on metals and other substrates.
All SpecMetrix systems measurements are taken in a non-contact, non-radioactive and non-destructive manner that reduces waste and saves the plant team time and money. Systems configurations include:
- SpecMetrix Lab systems;
- SpecMetrix In-line fixed-probe systems;
- SpecMetrix In-line traversing systems.
When SpecMetrix systems are added to any production or coil line, the plant team can expect to immediately benefit in many ways, including:
- Immediate and continuous coating measurement data;
- Reduced coating consumption and waste;
- Increased production throughput;
- Permanent quality record for every coated coil or production run;
- Reduced waste streams and environment impacts.
To help regional manufacturing leaders experience the benefits of SpecMetrix systems in their own factories, Sensory Analytics has partnered with Bronx International-Russia as its exclusive sales and support representatives for Sensory Analytics systems for all coated metal customers in Russia and the CIS. PleaSe visit our booth, contact the Bronx Russia & CIS team or Sensory Analytics to learn more.

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