TVEL, JSC, Metallurgy Business Direction. Stand 23C37

49, Kashirskoe shosse, Moscow 115409, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 988-82-82
Website :

Fuel Company of ROSATOM TVEL has been actively developing new non-nuclear businesses. One of the key areas for us has been Metallurgy, striving to meet the demand for products created from a variety of metals and special alloys, for both the Russian and international markets.
The Industrial Center for Metallurgy has been successfully operating since 2012. It is a modern full-cycle facility employing a variety of advanced technologies including hydrometallurgy and rolling production. Modern equipment has allowed us to manufacture a wide range of products created from both refractory and light metals, as well as alloys based on them. In particular, we have been able to manufacture rolled products with a high accuracy of geometric parameters and surface quality.
Modern high-tech industries create a strong demand for metals and alloys with unique physical and chemical properties, including, but not limited to, electric conductivity, high melting point, mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, etc. At Тhe Industrial Center for Metallurgy, we have developed in-house expertise in all stages of product development and fabrication, allowing prompt responses to customer needs and market demands.

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