CMK. Stand 21B32

2, Pristantsionnaya ul., Stupino, the Moscow region 142800, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 598-50-00, ext. 4001, 4002
Website :

CMKis modern high-technology enterprise that takes a leading position in manufacturing of products for very important industries: aircraft building, engine building, aerospace, ship building,mashine building, power, oil and gas.
The company manufactures products from high-temperature nickel and titanium alloys, and special steels:
- Disks, rings, shafts and other details made for deformable high-temperature nickel and titanium alloys;
- Discs and other details produced by powder metallurgy method;
- Forgings made of special steels and titanium alloys;
- Forged and rolled bars of nickel and titanium alloys;
- Powder of nickel and titanium alloys for additive technologies.
The optimization progmam for integration of all kinds of CMK manufactures of products is realized at the enterprise. It allows to fulfill the whole process from preparing of charging materials to prefinishing of products independently. The Quality Management System complying with requirements of international standart ISO 9001 and aerospace industry standards EN/AS/JISQ 9100 functions at CMK. CMK holds the full set of NADCAP certificates.

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