Metal-Expo is a large-scale, authoritative, academic and research platform for discussion the most pressing problems of steel producers, users, equipment manufacturers, and solution providers. 
The annual steel industry event is a unique launch pad for new projects and contracts; it is also a foundation for a promising business partnership national and international. 
The jubilee exhibition and forum will as before become a key event to reveal the latest global trends in the steel and engineering industries and work out strategies of future development of the steel industry.
In my belief, the hard-driving Metal-Expo’2019 program will spark interest among steel industry professionals and experts. The Metal-Expo’2019 events provide all the steel industry community a perfect opportunity to exchange opinions and the most advanced global practices. 
Wishing all the exhibitors, visitors and organizers of Metal-Expo’2019 interesting work, fruitful discussions and success in finding solutions to the problems of the industry!

In 25 years the exhibition has become a well-reputed platform to discuss prospects of the steel industry and present the most state-of-the-art solutions and equipment. Traditionally, the exhibition provides state authorities and businessmen as well as leading Russian and international experts a good opportunity to exchange best practices, exhibit achievements, and sign mutually beneficial contracts.

Today steel enterprises make a weighty contribution to development of the national economy, raise funds, and build and modernize facilities using the most advanced solutions. An extensive use of digital technologies helps them stay competitive, optimize management processes and improve safety. These and other issues will be discussed among delegates of conferences and round tables held in parallel to Metal-Expo’2019 while the best achievements will be awarded prestigious professional awards.

In my belief, the exhibition will help promote the national steel industry in the global market and create favorable business climate in the industry. Wishing you all fruitful work, constructive dialogues, and all the best!

Russian and international steel companies have always considered Metal-Expo an authoritative platform for exhibiting the latest industrial achievements, discussing the most pressing problems of the industry, and concluding contracts between suppliers and end-users. Today, as before, Metal-Expo’2019 exhibits the whole range of ferrous and non-ferrous products, steel construction products, the most state-of-the-art equipment and solutions i.e. everything that forms the real sector of the national economy.

Over the past few years Russian steel producers have achieved impressing results in implementation the import substitution program. Now they are able to meet all the requirements of allied industries. Besides, domestic steel products are competitive in the global market accounting for more than 10% of the total export returns.

At Metal-Expo events exhibitors and visitors can exchange the best practices of implementations of innovative projects focused on promotion of new types of steel products.

The forum for steel producers which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year is a unique event not only for the steel industry as it is but also for the global economy as a whole. Over the past few years the exhibition has become a leading business platform for steel companies, tubes producers, wire-mesh producers, aluminium rolled products and alloys manufacturers, steel traders, steel service centers, as well as key users of steel products: builders, engineers, oil and gas producers, transportation and logistics companies etc.  

Metal-Expo is a territory with a special atmosphere. All these years the exhibition has been a launch pad for new large-scale projects, start ups, and new professional initiatives.   Without exaggeration, the exhibition as a mirror reflects the whole new history of the Russian steel industry and the basic trends in the global steel production.  

The forum has become a must to all the biggest global steel and steel-related companies. The exposition and the number of exhibitors grow every year showing the whole range of modern materials, equipment and solutions for the steel industry, metal working, and steel consuming industries. This year Metal-Expo’2019 exhibits many innovative solutions for the steel industry as well.

Exhibitors and visitors of the jubilee Metal-Expo are welcome to attend its hard-driving events dedicated to all the key aspects of the steel industry including metalworking, heavy engineering as well as the most pressing problems of economy, marketing etc. Reports, panel discussions, and contests will form the Metal Week in Moscow.   

Besides, the forum is a perfect opportunity to establish new business contacts and find new niches and trends of business development.

Wishing all the exhibitors and visitors of Metal-Expo’2019 success, good work, find new business ideas and good business partners. May the exhibition charge you with the energy of success!

Over the 25 years despite the toughest economic conditions the exhibition has always ranked among the biggest international events for industry professionals. Every year the exhibition as a biggest business platform attracts up to 30k professionals from all the industry segments including company leaders, researchers, and young scientists. As a business platform, the event also contributes to prestige of engineering which was put to serious tests in the last few years.
Over its 25-year history starting with the first attempts of turning the Russian industry to innovative ways of development, the exhibition has always paid close attention to metallurgy as a science and heavy engineering as a foundation of development as well as the mining and engineering complex as a base of scientific and technical potential and safety of the state.
It is not a mere accident that a few years ago Russian and international engineers established Metallurgmash, an individual, representative and fast developing segment of the exhibition. 
The event exhibiting the whole without exception mining and metallurgical complex, and its conferences, meetings, and roundtables lay a solid foundation for consolidation of steel companies, improving their competitiveness, and development of their technical and export potential.
Company leaders and professionals, members of the International Union of Metallurgical Equipment Producers (Metallurgmash) attend on a regular basis the events held during the exhibition. Over the last few weeks their speeches were widely discussed at Eurasian Aerospace Congress and Forger-2019, the 14th International Congress, yet the most promising and efficient platform for them has always been Metal-Expo events.
Hard-driving and always improving cultural events including a brain-ring game held during Metal-Expo tune exhibitors up to success. 
It goes without saying that Metal-Expo’2019 will affect Russian and international sciences and industries in the most positive way. Let me thank the organizers for the brilliant event. Whishing all the exhibitors sand visitors new business contacts, fruitful information exchanges, and success. 

Greetings to the organizers, exhibitors and visitors of Metal-Expo’2019, the 25th Jubilee International Industrial Exhibition on behalf of the Department of Investing and Industrial Policy of the City of Moscow! 
The Russian steel complex is one of the most crucial inustry of the economy, a key segment in modernization of the Russian industry and strengthening of competitiveness of domestic products. 
Exhibiting latest achievements in the steel industry stimulates engineers and manufacturers of various industry segments. 
As a business platform for steel producers and users, Metal-Expo ranks among the world’s largest industrial trade shows. The exhibition plays an important part in strengthening the innovative potential of the Russian industry, advanced ideas exchanging, finding best solutions, and expanding international cooperation. 
Wishing all the exhibitors, organizers and visitors successful work, fruitful cooperation, good contracts and new business partners!

Europack is well-known in the market. We use the exhibition not to find, but to strengthen relations with our customers and to find ways of future cooperation. We had many meetings and successful negotiations.

We manufacture equipment for welded & seamless pipes as well as long product manufacture: all this we exhibited at Metal-Expo’2012. In the last few years we fulfilled a number of projects including large ones on big diameter welded pipes production, seamless tubes finishing and long products manufacture.

The exhibition is a tool to promote our products and it has always been a success. We have held some 50 meetings we planned and we have had many visitors on our stand.

Cherepovetsk Casting and Mechanical Plant has participated in Metal-Expo International Industrial Exhibition for the 12th time already. Over the history of our participation our sales have grown 10 times!

Participation in such forums as Metal-Expo and the experience of cooperation with our partners and colleagues from different industries help us adjust the industrial policy.

We have always had positive emotions of Metal-Expo for it provides good opportunity to meet with our customers, find new sales markets and find new ideas of business developping.

We have participated in Metal-Expo for more than 10 years. Our impressions of the last exhibition are most positive. We had more visitors than a year ago. Steel industry professionals and steel traders asked us definite questions about steel products supplies and discussed the most pressing problems with us. We have seen unprecedented interest to our company from stainless steel sheets consumers and defense enterprises.

In the organization of the exhibition efforts of industrial enterprises, large steel corporations, leading scientific and public organizations have been united, which enabled to hold event at the highest international level. Russian Engineering Union, supports this event, in my belief, the exhibition would give a new impulse to form competitive, dynamic, diversified and innovative Russian economy, through the creation of modern technological equipment of high quality metals, necessary for the domestic industry.

We met with our key customers, summed up results of the year, and made plans for the next year. Our professionals held many meetings with potential customers from all over Russia. For the first time we participated in the event on two stands to exhibit and promote our second products line: steel structures.

Metal-Expo International Exhibition facilitates implementation of energy-saving and environmental friendly technologies, helps increase efficiency and competitiveness of production and attract additional investments in the Russian heavy engineering and metalworking.

Representatives of all the NOVAEM divisions held many meetings during the exhibition. We received many positive reviews, suggestions and applications to be processed. In our belief, all the agreements we made during the four days of at the fair will be accomplished in the future.

Die Metallurgie hat als starkes Standbein der russischen wie auch der deutschen Wirtschaft eine lange Tradition. Die Branche ist ein hervorragendes Beispiel für den hohen Grad der Verflechtung und den sehr guten Stand der deutsch-russischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen. Auch vor dem Hintergrund der deutsch-russischen Modernisierungspartnerschaft ist es wichtig, bestehende Beziehungen zu pflegen und neue Geschäftskontakte zu knüpfen. Die diesjährige Metall Expo bietet hierzu das ideale Forum. Die Metall Expo ist in den siebzehn Jahren ihres Bestehens zu einer festen Größe in der Metallindustrie geworden und hat sich in dieser Zeit zu einer der wichtigsten Messen im Bereich der Metallurgie und der Metallverarbeitung für Russland und ganz Osteuropa entwickelt.

We need to develop communications between industries and increase the number of events including those held during Metal-Expo Industrial Exhibition which has been balanced over the recent years in terms of participation of suppliers and consumers of steel equipment and technologies.

To us the exhibition has become the ground where we can adjust strategies and test our costomers.

"I think Metal-Expo exhibition is necessary to all. It provides a perfect opportunity to establish business contacts, exchange experience, as well as to demonstrate all kinds of steel products we produce at MMK. We are here the the seventh time already (only once we did not participate in Metal-Expo), and we are planning to participate in every Metal-Expo exhibition in the future. At Metal-Expo we meet new partners and work out strategy for the future based on our buyers' demands."

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