DIMET Group of Companies. Stand 31A23

42, Romana Erdyakova ul., Kirov 610046, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (8332) 41-15-11
Website :

DIMET has been developing, manufacturing and bringing to market machinery technology for industrial plants, metallurgical plants, steel warehouses and numerous other industrial installations and applications since 2000. Over the years, we have optimised our methodology for developing and designing technical systems and products, and have developed and expanded our production resources. Our range of lifting and material handling equipment was further extended.

We are manufacturing and selling equipment such as:
- Lifting cranes;
- Cross beams;
- Gripping tools;
- Lifting magnets;
- Iron separators;
- Control systems and redundant power supplies;
- Cable drums;
- Scrap handling equipment for metal processing.

The constructions manufactured in the DIMET production factories are in operation all over the world. Our machine technology is designed to transport goods under difficult operating conditions and ensures increased productivity with minimal maintenance costs.

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