Melnikov Central Research and Design Institute of Steel Structures. Stand 81B49

49, Arkhitektora Vlasova ul., Moscow 117997, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 660-79-00
Website :

Melnikov Central Research and Design Institute of Steel Structures (STAKO©) is an expert in designing, examining, expertise and scientific research of metal structures.
We offer design projects and expert reports in different fields such as:
- Unique buildings and constructions from metal structures (long-span buildings, high-rise constructions, light steel thin-walled structures, reservoirs, bridges, towers, tower silos);
- Curtain wall systems;
- Welded seams;
- Protection from corrosion (including sherardizing).
Creating regulatory documents and certificates for expansion foreign companies on Russian market.
Accredited laboratory CNIIPSK-TEST offers services in expertise of metal constructions, fixing systems, pipes, test operations of corrosion protection and sherardizing.
Independent examination in court.
Postgraduate studies and continuing education in metal structures field.

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