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Salico Group of companies with locations in Italy, Spain, UK, USA and India specializes in downstream finishing processes after rolling of flat metal strip for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Different to other suppliers in this field, Salico in-house technology, know-how and references cover the complete range of processes: tension leveling, surface cleaning and treatment, slitting, cutting to length, trapezoidal cutting and packaging. Due to the continuous technological advance that makes Salico’s trajectory, important projects are being carried out all over the world which has led us to position ourselves at the forefront of companies in finishing lines.
As for tension leveling, Salico lines can handle strip thickness from 0.08 up to 6.5mm, with strip width up to 2.500mm. All-electric or hybrid drive configurations are available. The leveler most usual configuration is with two sets of elongation clusters and double leveling station, all in cassette arrangement for easy maintenance.
For surface cleaning various technical solutions are available depending upon the requested efficiency. Salico cleaner portfolio includes soft or strong alkali acidic, electrolytic, solvent or high pressure hot water technologies. Line speeds up to 600m/min have been achieved with the Salico cleaning lines.
For slitting applications, Salico provides the high-precision slitter heads for burr free slitting, including robots for automatic loading of the slitting tools combined with automatic systems for cleaning and automatic systems for inspection of the knives condition, robotized systems for separator discs set ups, different back-tension devices: rolls bridles, vacuum rolls, eddy currents, belts bridles and combines systems. Slitting lines are produced up to strip of 15mm thick and speed of 800m/min.
Cut to length lines feature the heavy duty levelers designed to obtain high plasticity values (>80%), the eccentric rotary shears of unmatched performance and accuracy and the vacuum and magnetic stackers, which ensure top quality of the sheets both in the surface and the edges while allowing for line operation at maximum speed, by vertical drop of the sheets under no inertia. Cut to length lines are produces form 0.1 up to 25mm thick strip. Our product portfolio also includes cut to length lines for trapezoidal sheets, typical for the automotive industry and multi-blanking lines.
At present the Salico Group of companies is composed by:
- Salico Spa in Molteno and Barzago (LC), Italy (mechanical engineering and construction);
- Salico Hispania SA in Madrid, Spain (mechanical engineering);
- KCS Herr Voss UK Ltd. in West Midlands, UK (mechanical engineering);
-Salico Metal Solutions Ltd. In Kolkata, India (automation and services);
- Salico Automation Srl in Cremella (LC), Italy (automation);
- Salmec Automation SL in Madrid, Spain (automation);
- SES Salico LLC, a joint venture between SES LLC and Salico Group of Companies located in Alliance, Ohio, USA, to provide the typical Salico range of products to the North American market.

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