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Kalugin, JSC, a Russian engineering company, was established in 2000 in Ekaterinburg by Yakov Kalugin, a world-known inventor and Doctor of Engineering Sciences who developed an innovative design of the top combustion hot stove, i.e. Kalugin Shaftless Stove (KSS).
Due to Dr. Kalugin’s invention, Kalugin, JSC has been able to develop a competitive innovative product over a short period of time and become a world’s leader in designing and implementation of Kalugin Shaftless Stoves and different Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) in blast-furnace production.
For 21 years of operation in the market of metallurgical equipment Kalugin’s engineers developed and participated in construction of 242 Kalugin Shaftless Stoves which are in operation at iron and steel works in Russia, China, India, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Japan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Indonesia, Turkey and Brazil. At present the company is executing projects for designing and construction of new stoves for customers from India, China, Czech Republic and Russia. After completion of construction KALUGIN JSC provides technical support, warranty and service maintenance of the constructed stoves.
It should be noted that high demand for Kalugin’s products from global giants of metallurgical production is determined above all by the fact that Kalugin Shaftless Stoves (KSS) have unique technical and environmental features as well as high energy efficiency and reliability. Moreover, at present among all types of hot stoves only KSS can provide heating of blast up to 1400°C. The technology is patented in Russia, China, Ukraine and some other countries.
Another innovative product offered by Kalugin, JSC at the market of metallurgical equipment is Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS) of different types. Using these energy-saving systems in metallurgical production, the Customer can significantly increase productivity of blast furnace operation and reduce consumption of expansive coke. All the WHRSs implemented by the company have a short pay-back period. Apart from the direct economic effect, the use of these systems significantly reduces emissions into the atmosphere and decreases thermal load on the environment.
At present the most popular WHRS design developed by Kalugin’s engineers is a design based on heat pipe heat exchangers. Several dozens of WHRS of this type have already been implemented at iron and steel works in China, Russia and India. It should be noted that the waste gas recovery systems developed by Kalugin, JSC can be used not only in iron and steel industry but also in heat and power supply industry, machine-building industry, construction material industry, chemical and petrochemical industry — everywhere where low-grade waste gases with the temperature up to 400°C are used.
Kalugin Company continuously improves its technologies, enhances technical, economic and environmental performance, provides warranty and service maintenance of its products.

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