Vulkan-TM, Scientific and Manufacturing Enterprise . Stand 23B48

Office 4, 34, Aleksinskoe shosse, Tula 300057, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (4872) 70-12-42, 70-12-43
Website :

NPP Vulkan-TM is a manufacturer of equipment and products for the metallurgical and foundry markets of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. Delivery experience — over 23 years.
Main activities: design, production and implementation of complete delivery of modern systems for non-stop steel casting (BRS); equipment for secondary processing and quality improvement of steel and alloys; unshaped refractories.
Main types of products:
- Steel-pouring gates of the «VT» series for MNLZ, siphon casting, foundries;
- Refractory gate components;
- Systems for purging metal with argon (purging plugs and units);
- Automatic complex for the production of flux-cored wires and their introduction into the melt (production lines, tribes);
- Intensive mixers;
- Refractory concrete, rammed masses, starting mixtures, mortars;
- Monolithic and block lining of thermal units (crucibles of foundry ladles and induction furnaces, vaults of EAF and DPPT furnaces, unshaped materials for lining, block lining of basalt melting furnaces, refractory blocks of lining of heating furnaces);
- Hot end blocks of rotary kilns.

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