Rechickij Metiznyj Zavod, OJSC. Stand 23B10

2, Frunze ul., Rechitsa, the Gomel region 247500, Republic of Belarus
Phone number:
+375 (2340) 5-06-72, 9-96-73, 5-05-21, 5-05-47, 5-05-48
Website :

Holding Byelorussian metallurgical company Otkrytoje akcionernoje obshchestvo Rechickij metiznyj zavod, one of the first enterprises in the metallurgic industry of Belarus, was founded in 1912 as a manufacturer of nail and wire products.
Today the plant is the leader on assortment of special nails that allows it to be present on the market of ractically all European countries.
The delivery program includes:
Construction nails according to GOST;
- Special nails according to drawings / annular ring, twisted, square nails/ of more than 150 types ø1,2-9,4 mm, L = 16-310 mm;
- Machine nails (smooth, annular ring, twisted) welded into coils and collated into clips for pneumatic nailers ø2,1; 2,5; 2,8; 3,1 mm, L = 35-90 mm;
- Self-tapping screws according to GOST, ø2,3-6,3 mm; L = 4,5-152 mm;
- Wood screws according to GOST, ø2,5-6,0 mm; L = 10-90 mm;
- Screws according to GOST, ø M3-M10 mm; L=6-70 mm;
- Bolts according to GOST with tensile strength of 4.8; 5.8; 8.8;10.9 , ø M6-M16 mm; L = 12-150 mm;
- Nuts according to GOST with tensile strength of 6; 8, ø M4-16 mm;
- Rivets according to GOST, ø2,5-16,0 mm; L = 6-150 mm
- Special axles ø3,0-10,0 mm; L = 14-150 mm
- Wire for general purpose: ø1,2-6,0 mm;
- Welding wire: ø1,2-6,0 mm;
- Wire for reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures: ø2,8-5,5 mm;
- Wire for cold heading: ø1,2-6,0 mm;
- Twisted wire ø2,5; 2,8; 3,0; 3,2; 3,4; 4,0; 4,7; 5,0 mm;
- Grooved cross-section wire ø2,4; 3,0; 3,4; 4,2 mm;
- Square cross-section wire 5,0x5,0 mm;
- Cold drawn wire for manufacture of reinforcement mesh ø2,8-5,0 mm.
We make to your order: electrical galvanic zinc coating of all types of nails, bolts, nuts, wood screws, self-tapping screws, and hot dip galvanizing of nails, bolts, nuts and metal structures with the length of up to 12.5 m and pipes from 4 to 8.2 m, chemical bonderizing with the subsequent oiling of wood screws and self-taping screws. The production of iron vitriol is being carried out as well.

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