15:36, 04 November 2022

FICEP “Intelligent Steel Fabrication”

In 1988 FICEP, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, invented ed installed the first integrated structural steel fabrication line with a fully automated material handling system. That was just the beginning as FICEP is the clear leader in automatic systems with hundreds of installations worldwide! During the past 30 years FICEP has drastically expanded the productivity of this automated comprehensive technology. This is the result of FICEP’s continuous devotion to industry leading developments in both software and hardware.

The challenge
Since FICEP invented the first automated multi-spindle drilling line in 1965 there have been significant enhancements in drilling feed rates and positioning speeds of both the material being processed and the drill spindle axis performance. The process to increase the drill lines efficiency and eliminate non-productive cycles has perhaps plateaued for the moment with the sub-axis spindle positioning to enhance the “chip to chip” time.

System sequences

- Sections are automatically nested to maximize material utilization.
- Data entry in conjunction with material loading is implemented with bar coding to eliminate possible mistakes.
- There is no need for an operator to select the proper program to process the part loaded into the in feed conveyor.
- The stock length is automatically verified.
- Material routing is performed in the most efficient manner and without any human involvement.
- Loss of time for an operator to organize and move material through the system is eliminated.
- All material functions occur in masked time while the work centers are performing the required processes.
- Efficiency and productivity is paramount with the system. For example, multiple parts are automatically loaded onto the in feed conveyor of the blaster with the proper spacing between sections to take full advantage of the shot blast pattern.
- Multiple operators that are required to drive a manual material handling system’s productivity are eliminated and replaced with a single attendant. Typically the attendant has time to perform the loading and unloading on and off of the system.
As the process proceeds, Intelligent Steel Fabrication has 4-D capability to upload the production process back to the 3-D model to graphically show the real time status of the individual sections in the model.
Production data can also be viewed on a Smart Phone in real time.

FICEP welcomes all steel industry professionals to visit its stand at Metal-Expo'2022, the 28th International Exhibition, November 8-11, Hall 3, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia. Stand N 33М37.

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