16:29, 06 November 2022

Metalloinvest Presented at UIMF Projects in the Field of Improving Environmental Friendliness and Production Efficiency

Metalloinvest, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, presented advanced projects in the field of improving environmental friendliness and production efficiency at the 4th International Mining and Metallurgical Forum of Uzbekistan (UIMF 2022). This is stated in the company's message.

During the session "Smart Mining: Digital development of the mining and metallurgical industry", Director of Metalloinvest Mining Division Rinat Ismagilov noted the important role of digital transformation in the mining industry and spoke about the implementation of the mining and geological information system (GGIS) at Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK named after A.V. Varichev.

As a result of the use of GGIS in short-term planning, it was possible to reduce costs in the mining and transport complex by 1-1.5% for 7 months of 2022. The introduction of the system with medium- and long-term planning helped to reduce the risks of production loss with incorrect manual planning that does not take into account temporary external factors affecting production.

Evgeny Polessky, Director of the Department for Work with Public Authorities in the field of Environmental Management and Urban Development of Metalloinvest, speaking at the session "ESG-agenda in the mining and Metallurgical industry" noted that the issues of decarbonization of production and environmental protection remain among the priorities for Metalloinvest.

In 2022 Metalloinvest has launched a complex for intra-quarry crushing and conveyor transportation of rock mass using cyclic flow technology (CPT) at Lebedinsky GOK. CPT allows you to significantly reduce dust emissions and the volume of stripping operations, reduce the cost of production of iron ore concentrate and involve additional reserves of high-quality ore in production. The launch of the CPT makes it possible to transport ore from the quarry in the amount of at least 55 million tons per year. Dust emissions will be reduced by 33%, the volume of formation and disposal of overburden waste – by 20-40%.

The launch of the crushing and conveyor complex (DCC) on the southeastern side of the Mikhailovsky GOK quarry named after A.V. Varichev in 2020 made it possible to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, reduce the stripping coefficient, and reduce the formation of empty and overburden rocks. In 2023, it is planned to complete the second stage of the DCC project – the construction of a flat crushing and conveyor complex on the northeastern side of the quarry.

The launch of the concentrate enrichment complex will be a key project of the integrated development program of the Moscow State Mining and Mining Complex, aimed at radically improving the quality of iron ore products, reducing environmental impact and increasing production efficiency. This will increase the iron content in the concentrate to 70-70.5% and reduce the content of silicon dioxide to 1.5-2.6%, increase extraction, reduce the cost of production and specific energy consumption rates. The technology is based on the application of fine wet screening, grinding and flotation technology.

Metalloinvest is a leading mining and metallurgical company, the world leader in proven iron ore reserves according to JORC. The company is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of commercial hot-briquetted iron. LLC "YUESEM Metalloinvest" (part of LLC "HC Yuesem") owns 100% of the shares of JSC "HC METALLOINVEST".

Metalloinvest welcomes all steel industry professionals to visit its stand at Metal-Expo'2022, the 28th International Exhibition, November 8-11, Hall 2, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia. Stand N 21A21.

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