17:27, 12 June 2023

New Productions are Launching in The Foundry Industry

Metallurgy'2023, Litmash'2023, a complex of international industrial exhibitions, as well as SteelStructures'2023, a forum for structure manufacturers and construction steel product end-users, were held on June 6–8, at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia. The trade fairs aroused considerable interest, gathering together more than 300 exhibitors and more than 8,000 industry professionals. A large number of visitors ensured the formation of new business contacts at the forum.

The number of exhibitors and visitors has increased significantly compared to last year‘s edition. A lot of manufacturer members from Russia and Asia have also sharply increased. There are lots of new players coming into the marketplace. This indicates that Russian heavy industry is no longer focused on the international brands that have left the Russian market and has tilted its focus toward domestic market growth. The Russian industrial sector needs reliable and high-quality equipment and products, so due to all the above-mentioned reasons, it has to start the search process all over again. In Russia, there is an increasing demand for modern equipment and solutions for the foundry and processing industries.

The exhibitions presented a wide range of the most state-of-the-art equipment and innovative solutions for the metal industry and metal processing, as well as mechanical engineering and foundry production equipment for the production of steel and cast iron castings, ferrous and non-ferrous industry production equipment. Trade visitors could obtain comprehensive information on technological innovations and trends covering the entire spectrum of metals, foundry technology, accessories, and castings. The Russian foundries exposition, together with international leading industrial equipment manufacturers and suppliers from China and Turkey, allowed guests to get acquainted with the innovation processes in the metallurgical and foundry industries, monitor market conditions and prices, and have personal meetings on the stands to strengthen relationships with existing clients and build new business relationships.

The foundry manufacturing industry in Russia received a new impetus for the first time in ten years. At the Conference "The role of public organizations in the development of foundry production in Russia", the President of the Russian association of founders, Dibrov A., stated that they are observing an obvious trend of growth in the demand for foundry products this year, including due to the need for machines and combines. According to the Association, Russian foundries produced 4.3 million tons of products in 2022. Dibrov A. said, one of the main problems of the industry is the lack of representation in the authorities. He hoped there would be a center of competence to do science because the foundry industry provides more than 60% of the blanks for mechanical engineering, automotive, aircraft, and shipbuilding.

Metallurgy'2023, Litmash'2023 demonstrated that the Russian Foundry industry is on the rise right now, as evidenced by the launch of new manufactories and foundry sites in response to market requests. Metallurgy and machinery create a high demand for foundry products. Due to the fact that European companies, as main suppliers, left the Russian market, domestic manufacturers consequently had to produce machines by themselves, which prompted machinery to develop its own production. Market players note the high demand for their products and foundry capacity utilization. The Foundry industry is on the cusp of a technical upgrade and a new round of investment. The demand for die-casting machines and injection molding machines has grown noticeably now, and we see a continuing trend of replacing European technologies with Chinese counterparts. There hasn't been a sharp rise in Chinese foundry equipment prices yet, but most experts suggest that prices will rise by 30% over the next few years.

There is also a general growth in demand for modifiers for out-of-furnace processing of iron and steel. "Despite the fact that the European Union countries closed their borders with Russia, the existing capacities fully meet the needs of the Russian market, said the Marketing Director of NPP Group, E. Mochalova. - We are constantly developing and launching new equipment by supporting foundry workers with technological support". Sharing her impressions of the Metallurgy'2023, Litmash'2023, E. Mochalova said they boasted more visitors in comparison with the previous year. However, while the share of imports decreased, the number of exhibitors, visitors, and orders grew, especially from China. But the NPP Group is not afraid of competition: «If a company is actively and openly working, having a marketing campaign as well as an efficient advertising policy, participating in professional forums, publishing scientific articles, and protecting its patents, then in this way competitors appear—that's the market. We have nothing to fear from competition. Our microcrystalline product processing is unique; the production is fine-tuned and based on our unique patented technology».

Metallurgy'2023, Litmash'2023, a complex of international industrial exhibitions, are endorsed by The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, The International Union of Metallurgical Equipment Producers (Metallurgmash), The Union of Machine Builders of Russia, The Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers, the Russian Foundry Association, and Expocentre Fairgrounds.

Welcome to attend Metallurgy'2024, Litmash'2024, SteelStructures’2024, June 4-6, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.

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